Spiny Oyster Beads

Spiny Oyster- these strands feature beautiful genuine Orange- Spiny Oyster- beads. These Spiny Oyster-Shell - beads were hand drilled and are ready for stringing which makes them perfect for anyone who wants to create their own jewelry. NOTE: (ASK US ABOUT OUR WHOLESALE QUANTITY PRICES).

History OF Spiny Oyster:

  The Andean people used Spiny Oyster as currency in pre-Columbian times and today Native American Indians often use the Spiny Oyster shell for jewelry.The name Spondylus is a Latin word that means spines on it's back. Broderip was the name of the Scientist who traveled with Cortez when Baja California was discovered and explored. The name Princep was given to this shell because when Cortez presented his marine discovers to the king of Spain who financed his expedition, the kings daughter fell in love with the shell. Therefore, the Spiny Oyster shell was named in honor after the Princess.

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